Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I recently changed carriers for my mobile service. I left Sprint after six years for AT&T and so far I am very happy. My final year with Sprint was less than excellent and I will be posting a blog later that delves into my unpleasant experiences. Some other technology tools I have been using that I recommend are Jott, Grand Central and Google Mobile.

Jott converts voicemail messages into text messages or email. You call a single number from your mobile phone and through voice recognition software you choose someone from your contacts and speak your message out loud. Jott then converts your message and sends it. You can also Jott appointments that will post to your Google Calendar.

Grand Central provides you a phone number where you can point all other phone numbers you have to the Grand Central number. The benefit is you can have just one phone number to give out to people versus providing your work, home and mobile numbers. How it works is once you have set up your account and someone calls your Grand Central number, all of your other phones will ring simultaneously. That way you can be reached regardless of where you are. Once you answer you will be provided the option to screen the call, send it to voicemail or take it live. If someone leaves you a voicemail you will be notified via email that you have a message waiting for you.

Google Mobile has several features of interest. The two I am using are Maps and Sync. Google Maps is just like their online version. Google Sync enables my BlackBerry phone to synchronize with my Google Calendar.

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