Monday, February 05, 2007

Leadership Part 1: Negatives Up & Positives Down

A leadership role within an organization implies you support the direction and decision makers of the company. When you are frustrated do not let the people you are responsible for see you complain or behave in a negative manner. For you to publicly complain is unprofessional and sends your direct reports the wrong message. Rather, you should share your frustrations with your manager. This is the appropriate way to express your concerns. Depending on your experience level it is likely you will learn something you did not already know and your perspective will change. This way you remain professional in the eyes of those that report to you while you have an opportunity to develop the business relationship between you and your boss.

On the other hand always share any positives you observe or learn about with the people you lead. This includes any comments or recognition from senior management outside of your department. In essence you want to keep the moral high and positive among your team. If you consistently share positives with your team they will feed off of it and focus on trying to reproduce similar results.

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