Monday, January 08, 2007


Several years ago a friend shared with me his philosophy on working for a company. He suggested you set criteria on what is important to measure your commitment to a company. For me it is the following: 1) A challenging environment with room for advancement, 2) Work with someone I respect and can learn from - a mentor 3) Money. Then ask yourself periodically if your criteria is being met and if the answer is no, you should meet with your manager and discuss your concerns. If your manager can rectify the situation by resolving your concerns, that is ideal. This is ideal because you have likely invested a great deal of time learning about your company and developing relationships within the organization. If you can continue to work in this environment and remain content, you are better off than starting over with a new company. This keeps your manager in sync with what drives you so he can ensure you stick around for the long term. If nothing can be done to rectify the situation, it is time to move on. This approach puts it all on the table and if you decide to leave, your manager knows why and your pending departure is typically on good terms.

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